In the dark, dark days before the internet how did we sell our wares?

Local advertising? word of mouth? a card in a shop window? If you were a Barry big spud then maybe a radio advert or even a TV commercial.

Today, few people realise the benefits of using email marketing. If you have something to sell then surely the best way to market it is to tell people, right?

Imagine reaching a larger audience with far less effort than what we could've mustered 15-20 years ago. Would we have believed it way back then? Probably, but are you doing anything about it right now?

Email marketing is still just on the periphery of what will become a totally integrated part of every businesses arsenal. Forgive us for dropping cliches but, knowledge is power, and without that how can we truly expand our businesses and move things forward?

Our thoughts for the future - anything and everything that can physically and possibly go online, will… full stop
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